What is Profhilo?


We are now offering PROFHILO treatments at a competitive price. Profhilo is an amazing new skin treatment that encourages your skin to produce collagen and hydrates your skin from the inside, effectively restoring a more youthful look.

We offer initial treatments that are a package of 2 treatments per area as this is the manufacturers recommendation. Two treatments are required to stimulate the collagen production fully, although the hydrating action happens almost immediately. 

Top up treatments are required every 6 months and these can be a single treatment to maintain the effect.

This is not a dermal filler, although it is made from a complex of different molecular weight hyaluronic acid, it has a consistency of honey, rather than stiff gel like dermal fillers, and will not add volume to your face like a dermal filler is designed to do, although it does produce a 'lifting' effect affecting fine lines and skin laxity.


We can treat a number of areas including the face, neck, upper arms, décolletage, hands. Most areas will require 1 x 2ml syringe per treatment (two treatments, 1 month apart).

Cost per treatment per area:  £225