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Lip filler -- What to expect...

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Deciding to have dermal filler injected into your lips is a big decision--it will change how you look, although this is dependent on the volume injected, and this is not a procedure devoid of risk.

When carried out by a knowledgable practionner who observes aseptic technique the risk of infection is very small. Other risks, although rare can include the formation of lumps, although this may be related to the product used--some appear more prone to form lumps than other products. Other even rarer risks include blocking a blood vessel with filler, however a good knowledge of facial anatomy and good techniques, including the use of cannula can reduce this risk considerably.

Lip filler is usually carried out with topical anaesthetic--a cream applied to the lips to numb them--this is available from pharmacies without a prescription and can be applied 30 mins before a treatment appointment or can be prescribed by your practionner although this is usually more expensive. The lip filler usually contains a local anaesthetic to improve comfort during treatment.

Injections usually start by injecting threads along the border fo the lip--this rolls the lip out, increasing the visible surface area and then injections are made into the body of the lips to plump them out. Injections in the body of the lip can be done by needle (many injections--less safe--more risk of bruising) or can be done via cannula which requires only one entry point per side per lip (4 in total), with reduced bruising, increased comfort, quicker recovery, and increased safety.

The morning after treatment you will find you lips will be at thier most swollen although this reduces rapidly once you have got up--gravity helps drain away the fluids from you lips within a few hours and your lips should look presentable within 48 hours

Lips may feel that they have lumps in after treatment--these take 7-14 days to settle usually as the product integrates into the tissue. Any bruising usually disappears within 4-7 days.

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