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Botox, Botox everywhere...

So everyone talks about BOTOX--why? And and how does it work?

When people refer to BOTOX they are using the name of a product made by ALLERGAN, but they often use it generically. It has become the catch-all term to use instead of the actual medicinal name, which is BOTULINUM TOXIN A--it's a bit like calling all vacuum cleaners, HOOVERS--Hoover were just a very successful vacuum cleaner manufacturer, but there are, as we all know, other brands of vacuum cleaners--what would HENRY say?!. The same applies to Botulinum Toxin A--there are other manufacturers.

Botulinum Toxin A is a toxin produced by a bacteria and used to (and still does) cause serious problems when ingested on contaminated food. The toxin the bacteria produces interferes with nerve signals, which results in the muscles that the affected nerve is unsuccessfully trying to trigger, not receiving the contraction signal.

When used for cosmetic purposes it is injected in extremely low doses and in small volumes,

meaning it doesn't spread far from the injection site and is very safe. The targeted muscles are carefully selected to reduce their activity which causes wrinkles on the skin above. When the muscle becomes denervated (not receiving a nerve signal) it is passive allowing the skin above to settle and the wrinkles to flatten out producing the desired cosmetic effect.

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